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I am Still Patriotic!


This table has been done for a week!  I cannot believe I kept it under wraps.  But it stayed in the garage until hubby could help me carry it down.  The garage does not have good lighting and didn’t do it any justice.

Well, I usually say, “try this it was simple or easy and took no time at all.”  Mainly because I have a very short attention span and I usually only take on simple and short projects.

This project took a little longer.  So let’s begin.

The Gem

You can see the full post here.  I bought this Gem for $4 & had no plan!  But for $4, I had to have it.

After 3 coats of primer, that I rolled on, you could still see the flag!  I sanded it, primed it again and then 2 coats of Heirloom White was rolled on top.  Despite the bad lighting in the garage, I could still catch signs of the flag!  But I proceeded.

So with no plan I decided to try to make it look like a beat up, old whethered farm table.  You know the look, with layers of chippy paint.  So I randomly brushed on some colors:


Then some gray:

Red, White & Gray

Then I sanded and glazed.

Still not feeling it.  In fact my 8 year old asked if it was in honor of The Buckeyes.  Clearly, not what I was going for.

So, I painted it again with Heirloom White (2 coats).

White with a glaze

Since the Heirloom White and the Black Glaze is what I love and what I seem to do to all my pieces, it would have saved me a ton of time to forgo the 13 steps and just glaze it at the beginning!  Ugh!!

Now this beauty is in my office aka Mom Cave.  I love it with the chair!  See post on the chair here.

In Place

Where will my crap go?

With Storage

The table provides a huge work space for anything I want to do.  Once I get my stuff in place, I think I will like it here!  You get a glimpse at the curtains in the pics and they are a new addition as well.  They just need to be washed and ironed, that may happen in February!

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The Virginia House 


Mom Cave

I have never linked to anything before and I am not sure if this will work but I want to enter the contest for a $250 Homegoods gift card.  I certainly will put it to good use.  So the contest is to show your mom cave or in my case the basement craft room.  Here’s my deal:

When we finished the basement we put a bedroom in for resale purposes.  We do not need another bedroom and never planned to use it that way.  I soon took it over and with a few trips to HFH, Home Depot and Homegoods, I created a space to serve many purposes.  It is my craft room, my escape area, my work space, my dumping ground and home to my scrapbooking supplies.  It has not been used to its full potential, but I have big plans!  Perhaps now that I have documented my messy area, it will inspire me to get moving on this room!  For the first time for public viewing, here is the cave.

Desk Area


Work Space

Messy Closet

Another shot of my scrapbooks:


Ok, now I am off to figure out how to link.  Check out her site: Censational Girl.

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