Featured Technique

Good morning!

I recently shared with you a chair makeover in a french inspired paint finish.  Based on the feedback, which I sooo appreciate, I completed some other pieces.

Before with primer

It isn’t necessary to prime first, but I wasn’t sure which direction I was heading with this table.  So, the legs got primed.

With it’s first coat.



Over the blue went gray, then a light sanding and a stain.

All done

I sanded the top and stained it with dark walnut.  I will put a wax finish on top, then it’s out the door!

But it is NOT going to the store!

This coming week is Spring Break!  I will be taking a break too.  When I return in April, I have MANY, MANY exciting things to share! 

1) I will look different

2) I will share exactly where this table and many other pieces are going!

Thanks for following along!  Have a great week.



2 responses to “Featured Technique

  • Polly

    Hi Shannon! Have a fun spring break! Hey, tell me more about the finishing wax. I have been wanting to try it in replacement of polyurethane (because I worry about poly yellowing over time) but the guy at the hardware store was no real helpful! Can you use the wax over painted surfaces? Also, which brand do you recommend? Thanks in advance!!


  • J&co.

    I am intrigued….short hair…blonde…no tan?? 🙂

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