Red, White & Blue

I have hit an all time low.  Yesterday, while visiting a thrift store I came across this gem.  I would love to know the history behind this baby. 

I am not sure my plan just yet.  Should I modge-podge, paint a funky color, distress in either white or black?? …decisions.

Before you write me off and send me to Crazy Town, know that I paid $4 for the table.  I figure I can practice something new without freaking!

The Gem

What should I do?  And no, I am not throwing it away!!


3 responses to “Red, White & Blue

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  • Ra

    I would think 1st you would have to decide where it is going to be showcased in your home. With that being said, your decision as to what to do with it will be easier! xo

  • arenschield

    ok, this is what i would do. i would paint the whole thing black. right now i am digging a disney color of black called mouse ears. then i would get a beveled edge glass top and do the little rubber corner things so it sticks. then i would do a collage of black and white (preferably with white border) photos. overlapped and askew. you could even add some of that scrapbooking sh*t.

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