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A New Life for a Chair

I have been searching for a chair that I can use in my office.  I search all these blogs and these ladies find the best stuff.  I on the other hand have scoured Craigslist, my usual thrift stores (did I say usual?)  and found nada.  zip. 

Until Wednesday.  I happened to be across town, got turned around and there was a thrift store!  Of course I stopped.  This is what I found:


For $2.98 it came home with me!  I also found the wine rack there, that I already shared.

Armed with my spray primer and heirloom white spray paint, I got started.  If you have seen any of my projects, you know what comes next…sanding and glazing.  I am hooked on the glaze!

Primed & Painted


And here it is with some new fabric – I love this fabric!

All done

Look at the fabric:


I just love that fabric!  Anyway, the chair will go in my office aka mom cave.

Thanks for looking.  Please comment and follow!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


What would you buy for $.90?

Well let me show you what I scored for $.90.  That’s right, 90 cents, 90 pennies…

$.90 cent Gem

It looks like someone tried to distress it with some blue and white spray paint.  Not sure what the goal was, but since I found it at the Thrift Store, my guess is it didn’t turn out as they had hoped.

Not sure if you can tell but this gem is a wine rack, it has slots to hold glasses and then 3 levels to hold wine bottles.

A little TLC and here she is:

Finished Wine Rack

I sprayed her a light gray after a coat of primer.  After that she was sanded, glazed with the black RL glaze and sanded again.  I was trying for a distressed look, so there was a lot of sanding.


Now, I placed it in front of my creamy colored closet so you could see the color of the wine rack.  This is not its home.  In fact it will soon appear on Craigslist, since we have no place for her.

Lots more finished projects coming your way!


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Thrifty Finds

With half done projects all over the house, I still continued to seek more must haves at the local thrift stores.  I promise myself that I must complete some things before moving on, but what’s the fun in that?

So I hit the ReStore for a few gems:

Bench & Big Drawer

Look at that old bench, I just loved it.  I think it will make it’s way to the cottage.  The oversized drawer received primer and a paint job, then I stamped numbers all over the inside,  I will add 2 handles and it sits on the ottoman in the living room.  It holds a TON of crap!  Each item was $5.

Then on to Home Depot to score some supplies from the oops department.

Each one was 50 cents!

I scored a glass dome with a cheese plate and a knife for 27 cents!  The knife and plate went right back to Goodwill, but the dome is mine!

Glass Dome, 27 cents!

And now back to complete a thing or two.  I must add that I have worked hard on my Red, White & Blue table.  It has had many lives in it’s short time at my home.  I just couldn’t decide on a finish, so I will show you later this week.

Remember the free chair that I redid?  Well, the toile wasn’t working for me, so it got a second look.  Here she is:

Free Chair Take 2

I stamped each family members initial, the year we moved in to our home and then I taped off and painted 2 lines with craft paint.  It was meant to have a worn look.  I must say, I am digging it!

Distressed chair

In case you forgot:

Finished with Toile

Have any junk that needs a new life?  Any thrifty must haves?  Any tips on great buys?  Please share!

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