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Mom Cave

I have never linked to anything before and I am not sure if this will work but I want to enter the contest for a $250 Homegoods gift card.  I certainly will put it to good use.  So the contest is to show your mom cave or in my case the basement craft room.  Here’s my deal:

When we finished the basement we put a bedroom in for resale purposes.  We do not need another bedroom and never planned to use it that way.  I soon took it over and with a few trips to HFH, Home Depot and Homegoods, I created a space to serve many purposes.  It is my craft room, my escape area, my work space, my dumping ground and home to my scrapbooking supplies.  It has not been used to its full potential, but I have big plans!  Perhaps now that I have documented my messy area, it will inspire me to get moving on this room!  For the first time for public viewing, here is the cave.

Desk Area


Work Space

Messy Closet

Another shot of my scrapbooks:


Ok, now I am off to figure out how to link.  Check out her site: Censational Girl.


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