Green Apple Love

Good morning!

Spring arrived this week!  Outside Hubby planted an apple tree.  An actually fruit bearing apple tree.  It may be a few years but we will soon enjoy Honey Crisps! Yum!

Inside the house, Green Apple spray paint was put to work!  I know the aqua is all the rage – and I picked up a can of that too, but for some reason I am all about the green.

Rusty Metal Stand

New life with paint.


Brown Plant Stand goes green

The legs are distressed to tone it down.


Since I have one live plant in the house, I have opted for a magazine stand!

Before Metal Cage

Please ignore the crap projects in the background.  Looks much better in green:

Green Mug holding Roses

This morning I woke to a coating of snow!  So much for Spring decorating!  I must dig out the winter coats that I just managed to put away.  Stay warm and have a great day!



One response to “Green Apple Love

  • Janet Open Market Style

    Hi Shannon I just found your blog !! Your apple green color is great so bright and fresh !
    Isn’t it GREAT to be selling things at heritage !!
    My booth, I am sure is a HUGE mess I sold all most all my big pieces ! Going in tonight to do a redo !
    I am doing a new space downtown Newark you can get info on my blog !
    Our open house is next Thurs. from 5-9 Please come and join us ( bring fiends – family )
    I hope you can make it !
    See you soon !

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