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Vacation does the Mind Good

Hello All,

Just back from warmish Cocoa Beach to freezing Ohio.  It was great to get away with the hubby on his work trip.  We caught up with dear friends, enjoyed time making new friends and managed to avoid anything too stressful.

I love a vacation, but I also love returning home.  The warmth must have reenergized my creative side because I got right to work today.

I have seen a few signs around blogland and thought I would give it a try.  My first stop was the Habitat ReStore where I purchased some old, beat up wood.

Wood Plank

 I bought two.  Look at the nooks:

I tried a dry brush technique.  Basically, I put a little paint on the brush and made long brush strokes.  The wood was split and uneven, so I had to make it up as I went along.

I love the distressed, white washed look!

I made one of the planks in to a welcome sign.  I had the vinyl letters that I picked up 4 years ago.  I had no place to use them and they made their way into the Goodwill pile.  Fortunately, they were on the top of the pile!

Just Applied

It went on pretty easily despite the condition of the wood.  I then dry-brushed the letters.


I hope you can tell the difference.  It makes it look worn.

So now the plan is to attach 2 eye screws on the top and hang it at the cottage with chains.

I am pretty pleased with the finished product!

I have one more plank that is already dry-brushed, any suggestions for a sign?

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Photobucketcottage instincts

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Guest Bathroom gets some Love


As I sit in Florida (don’t hate me), I thought I would share an update on our guest bathroom.

I posted the progress on the guest bathroom, you can see post here.  I wanted to share another feature we added to the bathroom.


We have 3 bathrooms left with the builder mirror stuck to the wall.  You know the kind, the frameless, blah mirror, that works just fine but does not enhance the room.  Since we were already set with the crown, we used the same tools and framed the mirror.  I did cheat though.



The way I cheated was to buy the little corner pieces.  I got them at HD along with all the trim.  The beauty of using the corner pieces is that you do not have to miter your trim.  You use a straight cut!  Simple.  HD will even cut the trim to your desired length.

There are a few ways to attach the trim and we went the most difficult route (go figure).  You know those little “clips” that hold the mirror in place?  We notched the back of our trim to fit over them and glued the trim to the mirror.


We can remove the mirror from the wall down the road if needed.  It’s pretty doubtful, but it made hubby feel better that we were not committed for life!

Here is our guest bathroom:


From the hallway



We are in the process of finishing the girls bathroom in a similar fashion.  We made a few adjustments.  If you try this simple project, I would suggest painting the back of your trim black.  This will prevent the reflection off the back of the trim. 

I would also encourage you to look at all trim, including door casings.  They have more detail and are typically wider.  We have now used both and I love the door casings.  All materials are MDF and primed.  

Last tip: paint before installing!  You will have touch up but it will save you a lot of time and frustration if you get a good coat on first!

Thanks for stopping!  Share some love by commenting or following along.  Off to enjoy the warmth of Florida!

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