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Vintage Restyled gets an Update

Hi All,

I believe I am a bit behind on sharing photos of Vinatge Restyled – my booth.  It has seen many changes lately.

Added this

And the booth looked like this on 3/9.

But as luck would have it, items sold…yeah!

So we added some more things on 3/15.


And the booth looked like this.



But then I happily sold some bigger items and when I arrived on Monday, the booth was a mess!

What a mess!

When the media sideboard sold (sorry JJ), all the stuff was scattered around.  Now it looks like this:

2 tier metal basket from the flea

Metal stand in my new fav color

That green is my new spring color.  Many items have been transformed!

Plate stand scored on Sat!

Ready for Spring

Hope you have a great day!  As always, your comments are encouraged and appreciated!



Spring at Vintage Restyled

If I decorate for Spring, then it will come…right?

Some updates to share.

Love the pop of green.

Easter is so late this year, but screams spring, so a few bunnies were added.



Some shots of the booth:


Love the bench


The booth:

As of 3/4

Enjoy your weekend!  Have you started to get Spring Fever?



Hi All,

We have a 5 day weekend, so life has been off schedule since Friday.  While many people used the break for a get-away, we spent most of it watching our babies do their thing.  We moved into the pool for most of it, as daughter #1 swam at regionals. Awake at 6:15 am, home by 7:00 pm!   She was awesome, despite a cold and exhaustion.  I took a small break from the indoor pool to attend daughter #2’s first gymnastics meet.

I wish I could share the video of her competing but I had some technical difficulties.  By that I mean, I video taped the wrong kid.  They all look so much a like.  Then I learned that standby on the camera means you are not actually taping.  When hubby watched the video, he asked if I was drunk.  Mind you it was 8 am!  I think I will stick to the Nikon camera!  Despite my difficulties, daughter #2 was amazing!

In one of my last posts, I mentioned buying a crib.  Again, no more babies for us!  I have taken the crib apart and plan to use the parts for some different projects.

First up, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors inspired this idea.  Using the spring from the crib as a memory board.


Attach photos with clothes pins

No idea who these people are

Since this is heading to the store, I used pictures I found in an auction lot.  No clue who these folks are.

I opted to leave it rusty but it could easily be painted to fit any decor.

Here it is in the store:

In store

This baby can hang vertically or horizontally.  Possibilities are endless.

Store on 2/19

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping.  I hope to have more finished projects this week, when our schedule resumes!


All done…again

Is anything ever really finished?

You can find the original post here.  I thought it was all done.  However, I struck out finding baskets for the two open spots.  The baskets I did find were pricey and ended up not fitting the opening.  Solution?

Thanks to CA, I distressed the shutter doors, glazed them and on they went.  CA found similar pieces in Pottery Barn and Ballard catalogs, so I took this option and ran with it.  I am so glad I did.

Fresh coats of paint

Two openings

No doors, in my home

Wish I could keep her, she looks awfully nice in the house!

Done and in the store

Looking for a new home

I did think about the perfect place for her in my home.  Oh well, hopefully she will find a new place soon.

As always, your comments are appreciated!


Vintage Restyled restocked

Good morning,

These posts are getting farther apart.  Life has gotten in the way the last few days.  I shared some photos of the store when we opened on February 3 and since then it has gone through a few changes.  All good of course, but when a larger item sells all the stuff placed on top of that item ends up on the floor or on other items. So let me share some photos.

Opening Day

Day 2

The desk sold, so we replaced it with the bench and added some stools and smalls.  The black table on the right was a hot item and went to a new home.

1 week

The table sold and so did the bench!  So, we restocked!

New items on 2/9

A little love for Valentine’s.

More changes

More red for V-day

But that sold too.

Updated on 2/14

Media cabinet with shutter doors on

You may recall my previous post where I was searching for baskets for this cabinet.  CA had a great idea and saw cabinets with shutter doors in Ballard and Pottery Barn, so if it’s good enough for them, then good enough for me!

Marble top end table and stool

Coffee table that required NO work!

Some more items.

Kids table and chairs

And here is a shot on February 14.

Vintage Restyled

I included a lot of pictures for my gal Ra, who loves to see everything.  She also always comments!  Which I LOVE!

Now it’s your turn to comment!  Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Have a great Wednesday!


Vintage Restyled

Hi All,

VINTAGE RESTYLED is open for business!  I am thrilled to report that the booth is set and awaiting your visit!

Here are some photos of my booth.  Again, it is located at  Brice Rd/70 for you local folk. 

The Mall is open M-Th 10-6, Fri & Sat 10-9, and Sunday 12-6.

A huge thank you to CA for visiting today!  Your support is amazing and truly appreciated!  She found lots of treasures too!


My sign

Coffee Table

Round Table

Let there be light!

Here it is!

First piece - desk and chair

Tray with oil cloth





In the above picture, there were 2 more items in place.  Guess what?  They sold!! Yeah!

The Booth:

Thanks for your support of this new venture!  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite item!


A Sneek Peek

 Here are a few pieces that will be for sale later this week.  I included as many before and after shots as I managed to take.  I have been on a painting frenzy!

Some Chandi’s

Before was standard gold color.  Now:

All pretty in white

Using a hot glue gun, I made drip marks on the candle sleeves.  Daughter #1 is Vanna.


Brand new Chandi:

Little Bling

Brand New and Darling!

Also featured will be:




Oh, the abuse this must of gotten.

Looking cute in white!



So much better!

Free Foot Stool

Painted and recovered

Excuse the backdrop for the pictures, we are stacking everything in the garage so we can load the truck.

Antique Chair

Fabulous detail


Some small items

Parting with my cloche


I love this vintage scale!
 Our new plan is to move tomorrow morning.  Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates!  Have a great Wednesday!



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