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Featured Technique

Good morning!

I recently shared with you a chair makeover in a french inspired paint finish.  Based on the feedback, which I sooo appreciate, I completed some other pieces.

Before with primer

It isn’t necessary to prime first, but I wasn’t sure which direction I was heading with this table.  So, the legs got primed.

With it’s first coat.



Over the blue went gray, then a light sanding and a stain.

All done

I sanded the top and stained it with dark walnut.  I will put a wax finish on top, then it’s out the door!

But it is NOT going to the store!

This coming week is Spring Break!  I will be taking a break too.  When I return in April, I have MANY, MANY exciting things to share! 

1) I will look different

2) I will share exactly where this table and many other pieces are going!

Thanks for following along!  Have a great week.



Vintage Restyled gets an Update

Hi All,

I believe I am a bit behind on sharing photos of Vinatge Restyled – my booth.  It has seen many changes lately.

Added this

And the booth looked like this on 3/9.

But as luck would have it, items sold…yeah!

So we added some more things on 3/15.


And the booth looked like this.



But then I happily sold some bigger items and when I arrived on Monday, the booth was a mess!

What a mess!

When the media sideboard sold (sorry JJ), all the stuff was scattered around.  Now it looks like this:

2 tier metal basket from the flea

Metal stand in my new fav color

That green is my new spring color.  Many items have been transformed!

Plate stand scored on Sat!

Ready for Spring

Hope you have a great day!  As always, your comments are encouraged and appreciated!


A Thrifty Weekend


Hi All,

It is amazing where this hobby/business has taken me in such a short time!  I am branching out and trying new things weekly.  And surprising even myself!

Another bonus to all of this, are the people I meet.  I had a “girl date” (as my hubby calls it) on Saturday morning with a fellow blogger! 

Kimm of Reinvented is a true blogger!  She has been working it for a few years, has traveled to Blissdom, has advertisers and an amazing following.  The beauty is she lives in the same town that I do!  Small world, since I have been a follower for some time now!

Our date took us to the flea market!  We were both newbies, but had no trouble navigating our way.  We each scored some treasures and the creative juices were flowing.  I love that Kimm is right here in town and loves the same stuff I do.  I hope to thrift with her again soon.  Be sure to check out her blog, she is quite creative!

I promise to share pics of my thrifty finds, but right now I need to show you my french inspired chair.

I got the chair at an auction.  It had no seat, but Hubby made me a wood one.


Following a technique that Miss Mustard Seed has perfected, I painted the whole chair with a funky blue.  It was an oops paint from HD.

Brushed Blue

I did not sand or prime it, just painted.  Next, using 80 grit sandpaper, I roughed it up a bit.

Roughed up

Then came a gray paint – another oops color.

Dry brush gray over the blue

I have to say, I was liking it at this stage. But, I sanded even more.  I was going for the distressed look.



To tie it all together, I applied a stain to the entire chair, wiping it off with a paper towel as I went.

With stain

For the seat, I used 3 inch thick foam, covered in Duck cloth.

All done

The cushion is so comfortable!

look how thick!

I hope you like it, as much as I do!  I believe this is a keeper for now!

Tell me what you think about this new technique.

Thanks for stopping!



No Sew Southern Style

Hi All,

I grew up in New York, just north of the City.  I live in Ohio.  No part of me can pretend to be a Southerner.  I love the southern style – lots of stuff, inviting, hand made, lots of detail and always with monograms!  Everything has a monogram!

When a dear friend moved up here, she schooled me a bit.  Apparently, there are rules for monograms too.

In true Yankee fashion, I have gone in my own direction.  I cannot sew and I cannot remember all the rules she taught me.  I found a cheap solution.

Remember my fabulous find?

Pottery Barn Chair

It is now in my kitchen.

Clean and in the house

It now has a little Southern charm.

Oh yeah!

This is a peel and stick from JoAnn’s.  For under $3, 20 seconds to adhere – I am a Southerner!

The letters are on clearance in the home dec dept.  They show them on lampshades, pillows, bags…really anything.

Taking it a step further, I tried Etching Cream.

I took a plain water pitcher, used the vinyl outline that I cut with the Cricut, applied etching cream, rinsed it after 60 seconds and now I have a monogrammed pitcher!  Easy!

Can you see it?

I had a terrible time getting a photo of this.

Stencil & etching cream



There you have it – I am a Southern-lady!

Cheers to you on St. Patty’s Day!


For the love of Cloches

Hi All,

I have a thing for cloches.  Imagine my delight when my girlfriend presented me the cutest little cloche I ever did see!  it’s darling!

So little

Yes, there is a gift card too, but really it is all about the cloche!

Insert nest with eggs

Lets try a better shot:

and now:

Look at the detail of the glass

Really, you could put anything under a cloche and it would look better!

Nest in teacups

And to show off more of my obsession.

Painted and distressed base

They are not all glass:

They come in different sizes, shapes and uses.

The glass came from this:

This is only part of my growing collection.  I just love my newest baby!

Any suggestions on displays?  Different uses?  I am in need of some ideas!


A Consultation?!

Hi All,

I have a great bathroom transformation to share.  The story starts out with an email that I received from a friend who works for my hubby.  She wants to renovate her half-bath and has asked my opinion.  Yep, someone wants my opinion!  Actually asked for my opinion!  Oh the pressure!

Getting started:

Jessica forced the transformation by tearing a large part of the wallpaper off.  A girl after my own heart!  Chad took over and completely removed the rest.  Bless his heart, that has to be one of the worst jobs ever!


Next, Jessica’s dilemma was the paint color.  She was afraid that she was limited due to the flooring.

Our solution was wainscoting!  By installing this, the paint color was far from the floor and opened the door for many possibilities!  I must add that it saved Chad some time, as he did not have to clean up the bottom half of the wall!  I love a good shortcut!


In every home we have owned, we have painted EVERY room (at least once).  I am not a great paint picker outter, so I refrained from this part.  I think Jessica did a fabulous job on the selection!

Fresh paint

Next came the vanity. 


A simple update with new hardware, makes a big difference.  Her daughter selected these!

New Hardware

All done!


All done

I just love it!  Jessica and Chad worked so quickly, this baby was done in a few days!  What a difference a little paint, hardware and wainscoting can make.

Jessica has the decorating bug, so this will not be the last project of hers that I share! 

I am so flattered that I was asked for my opinion!  I usually give it without being asked.  And I am thrilled for them, since I know how much they love it.

Thanks for stopping, leave a comment and follow along by email!


No Indecision Allowed

Happy Monday All,

Often times when I get a piece I know exactly what I will do with it.  When it comes to my own home, things are not that simple.

I have been eyeing low bar stools for my kitchen island for a while now.  The ones I have are in perfect condition, so it was not a priority. 

Previous Stools

While thrifting I spotted these lovelies for $5 each.

New Stools

Just to make my decision final, I sold the original bar stools on Craigslist for a song!  No indecision allowed!  Since they are gone, I will be happy with my 3 new stools!

Lots of projects finished over the weekend (thankfully)!  While I showed you my updated space on Saturday, many items sold over the weekend, so I will be busy getting it put back together in the next few days!  It’s a good thing!

Enjoy the day!


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