A Thrifty Weekend


Hi All,

It is amazing where this hobby/business has taken me in such a short time!  I am branching out and trying new things weekly.  And surprising even myself!

Another bonus to all of this, are the people I meet.  I had a “girl date” (as my hubby calls it) on Saturday morning with a fellow blogger! 

Kimm of Reinvented is a true blogger!  She has been working it for a few years, has traveled to Blissdom, has advertisers and an amazing following.  The beauty is she lives in the same town that I do!  Small world, since I have been a follower for some time now!

Our date took us to the flea market!  We were both newbies, but had no trouble navigating our way.  We each scored some treasures and the creative juices were flowing.  I love that Kimm is right here in town and loves the same stuff I do.  I hope to thrift with her again soon.  Be sure to check out her blog, she is quite creative!

I promise to share pics of my thrifty finds, but right now I need to show you my french inspired chair.

I got the chair at an auction.  It had no seat, but Hubby made me a wood one.


Following a technique that Miss Mustard Seed has perfected, I painted the whole chair with a funky blue.  It was an oops paint from HD.

Brushed Blue

I did not sand or prime it, just painted.  Next, using 80 grit sandpaper, I roughed it up a bit.

Roughed up

Then came a gray paint – another oops color.

Dry brush gray over the blue

I have to say, I was liking it at this stage. But, I sanded even more.  I was going for the distressed look.



To tie it all together, I applied a stain to the entire chair, wiping it off with a paper towel as I went.

With stain

For the seat, I used 3 inch thick foam, covered in Duck cloth.

All done

The cushion is so comfortable!

look how thick!

I hope you like it, as much as I do!  I believe this is a keeper for now!

Tell me what you think about this new technique.

Thanks for stopping!




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