I’m Vintage?!

Happy Friday!

Almost a week ago I celebrated a birthday.  As with every birthday, I was feeling a bit old.  No pity party for me though! I played the birthday card and dragged the family to an antique mall up in NW Ohio.

So, I am already feeling a bit old and imagine my surprise when I spot this baby:

This vintage outfit was being sold at the mall.  Yeah, it isn’t too pretty and it wasn’t pretty when I wore it 19 years ago in a wedding!

My dearest friend JJ made all of her brides maids wear this gem.  Talk about making the bride look good!

Since much time has passed and JJ and I are still friends, I think it’s okay that I let her know those dresses were hideous.  Love ya JJ!

So there you have it, I am officially part of the vintage market.

Have a great weekend!



2 responses to “I’m Vintage?!

  • sherry

    OUCH! I guess you could kind of turn into some kind of goth wedding theme now.

  • JJ

    Ha! We should both know better than to get anything GREEN! And my wedding dress wasn’t much better! I cried at my first fitting when I saw it and was like “this isn’t my dress”…lol…I promise the next wedding will be much better, you can pick out your own dress 🙂

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