No Sew Southern Style

Hi All,

I grew up in New York, just north of the City.  I live in Ohio.  No part of me can pretend to be a Southerner.  I love the southern style – lots of stuff, inviting, hand made, lots of detail and always with monograms!  Everything has a monogram!

When a dear friend moved up here, she schooled me a bit.  Apparently, there are rules for monograms too.

In true Yankee fashion, I have gone in my own direction.  I cannot sew and I cannot remember all the rules she taught me.  I found a cheap solution.

Remember my fabulous find?

Pottery Barn Chair

It is now in my kitchen.

Clean and in the house

It now has a little Southern charm.

Oh yeah!

This is a peel and stick from JoAnn’s.  For under $3, 20 seconds to adhere – I am a Southerner!

The letters are on clearance in the home dec dept.  They show them on lampshades, pillows, bags…really anything.

Taking it a step further, I tried Etching Cream.

I took a plain water pitcher, used the vinyl outline that I cut with the Cricut, applied etching cream, rinsed it after 60 seconds and now I have a monogrammed pitcher!  Easy!

Can you see it?

I had a terrible time getting a photo of this.

Stencil & etching cream



There you have it – I am a Southern-lady!

Cheers to you on St. Patty’s Day!



3 responses to “No Sew Southern Style

  • Amanda

    Love the pitcher! How do I do that? When are you going to hold an do it yourself art camp?

  • Kimm at REINVENTED

    Beautiful! I expect to be invited over to drink something lovely served from that pitcher!! 😉

  • Ra

    Next you’ll be monogramming your guests initials on wine glasses, so they won’t forget which wine glass is their’s when they’ve had too much to drink!

    Does the S on the pitcher stand for “Sangria”?

    Love the chair cushion. Looks very cozy.

    There are monogrammed clogs I’ve been thinking of purchasing… and no I can’t sew the monogram on.

    xo Ra

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