Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi All,

What a difference a year makes!  Last year around this time I was in CABO with 2 of my besties (from NY) and hubby’s.  We have been friends since grade school…that is a looong time!

Ra, Me, Pam

We spent a whole week relaxing, indulging and celebrating our birthdays.

Breath taking

A true vacation involves no cooking!

Chef and assistant

Luxerious accomodations.

Patio Pool

Just thinking about the trip brings back wonderful memories!

This year, I am without my gal pals.  I am not basking in the sun or walking on the beach.  No one is cooking for me.  I am not at a luxeroius pool with an adult beverage.  Instead, I am celebrating my 10 year old’s major accomplishment!

Priceless smile!

We are attending the state swim meet at Bowling Green U.  She will swim both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We are so proud.  She has worked hard and has earned this.

Quick Update: The Free Relay finished in the top 10 in the STATE!  It was a great race!

In my world, both birthdays – last year and this year, are perfect!

Enjoy the day!



3 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  • JJ

    Happy Birthday! I don’t want to call and interrupt so call me when you can and give me an update. Tell Kiki her Fairy Godmother is sending good thoughts to her and give her a good luck hug from me. Enjoy your day girl! Love you lots.

  • J&Co.

    Have a great day, Shannon! We wish we could celebrate with you. 🙂 Swim…baby…swim.


  • Ra

    Miss Cabo… Miss Pulio…Miss you…
    Happy Birthday!
    I love you!
    Have an AWESOME day watching your girl swim @ states!

    xoxoxo Ra

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