A Consultation?!

Hi All,

I have a great bathroom transformation to share.  The story starts out with an email that I received from a friend who works for my hubby.  She wants to renovate her half-bath and has asked my opinion.  Yep, someone wants my opinion!  Actually asked for my opinion!  Oh the pressure!

Getting started:

Jessica forced the transformation by tearing a large part of the wallpaper off.  A girl after my own heart!  Chad took over and completely removed the rest.  Bless his heart, that has to be one of the worst jobs ever!


Next, Jessica’s dilemma was the paint color.  She was afraid that she was limited due to the flooring.

Our solution was wainscoting!  By installing this, the paint color was far from the floor and opened the door for many possibilities!  I must add that it saved Chad some time, as he did not have to clean up the bottom half of the wall!  I love a good shortcut!


In every home we have owned, we have painted EVERY room (at least once).  I am not a great paint picker outter, so I refrained from this part.  I think Jessica did a fabulous job on the selection!

Fresh paint

Next came the vanity. 


A simple update with new hardware, makes a big difference.  Her daughter selected these!

New Hardware

All done!


All done

I just love it!  Jessica and Chad worked so quickly, this baby was done in a few days!  What a difference a little paint, hardware and wainscoting can make.

Jessica has the decorating bug, so this will not be the last project of hers that I share! 

I am so flattered that I was asked for my opinion!  I usually give it without being asked.  And I am thrilled for them, since I know how much they love it.

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