Message Center and More

Good morning!

Exactly 2 months ago I posted my plans for the new year, you can read it here.  In summary, I was going to simplify.  Wow, how life has changed since January 2.

Since then, I have discovered auctions, made thrifting a daily activity, opened a store and received a paycheck!  It has been a crazy few months and I am thankful that life has taken this turn.

Looking back to simple projects, I have one to share.  I love this little baby. 

Frames can make a bold statement in decorating.  They can be left empty without glass and grouped to have a large impact.  I have more than my share of empty frames, so this is now a message center.

Starting with a beauty:

Some funky artwork

I painted and distressed the frame.  Tossed the pretty picture and now…

Message Center

Armed with thumb tacks and a spool of twine, I randomly placed the tacks and zig-zagged the twine (hope that makes sense).  I have also seen this done with wire.  Depending on your look, either would work.

Card hung with a clothes pin



It would look great in a kitchen with recipe cards!  Whatcha think??


Some smalls are going to the store today.  Here are a few before/after shots:

Before with strawberries


Painted & distressed with spools

Ceramic Wall Hanging

Great Detail, after distressed

Fork & Spoon


Sorry, that’s a bad shot.

White makes it all look better!

Authentic farm bench

This is very cool!

Okay, that’s all for this post!  I will be back with even more tomorrow!

Have a great day.  Please leave a comment, let me know what your favorite item is!



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