Work in Progress

Hope you all had a great weekend!

We were busy with the usual stuff and I spent some time with my paint gun.  It took a while to get back in there for many reasons, but one I will share.  We are working on a table and chair set.  We opted to paint the table top black.  Because black paint is 30% color, it takes forever to dry.  We tried a new product that promised to cure faster.  At a contractor rate of $56/gallon, we were expecting perfection.  Not so much.

First it would spray, then stop.  This happened twice.  Mind you it takes roughly 1/2 an hour to clean the components and set back up, so we were not happy.  Then I got the blame because it must have been my fault for not cleaning the sprayer correctly.

We trecked back to the store.  After consulting the experts, were told that the paint was drying too quickly in the gun and to add water.  Not fixed.  Same thing happened. 

We gave up and rolled it.  We were not happy! 

Just for the record, the sprayer was perfectly clean!

Needless to say, we fell far behind on production.

So I worked like a mad woman trying to catch up.  While not much is complete, here are a few projects in progress.

Before & After Paint

Original was yellow with speckles


I painted and distressed the chairs.  I glazed each one by hand.  Then came the decision for fabric.  I was going neutral, after all I plan to sell this set.  After a trip to the fabric store, I opted for this.

2 of 4 complete



There are 4 chairs and an oval table.  I think the set will look sharp with this fabric!

Just for the record, I used my new air powered staple gun!  Louve this baby.  The only hiccup was the stripes!  Keeping it all straight was a challenge.  But totally worth it.  I am thrilled with the fabric!

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