Thrifting with Friends

Hi All,

Last night I ran into a follower of this blog.  She said, “You’ve been slacking, no posts lately.” 

I was thrilled!  Someone reads my blog!  Someone wants more!

Since seeing her, 8 hours ago, I have been trying to put together a new post of interest.  I keep coming back to thrifting.  Afterall, it’s the thrill of the hunt!

THRIFTING (yet again!)

While I may have been slacking on the posting front, there was no break from thrifting.  I even had support from some unlikely friends.

CA, in her designer gear, hit a few Goodwills!  I almost dropped what I was doing to go take a picture of her at GW! And, she scored some gems!  She also invested in a beautiful piece from the antique mall where I have a booth.

Beautiful Buffet

This beautiful buffet is hand finished with exquisite detail.  It even came with a mirror (not shown).  A great investment and one of a kind piece!

I then enjoyed time with Suz.  We went to the antique mall first.  She scored a fun piece.

Wash stand?

This metal piece has 2 sides.  The possibilities are endless!  It will be great on her patio in the summer, filled with ice and drinks.  It has drain holes on both sides.  Suz is creative, so I know she will find many uses for this.

She also scored some old crates.

She can easily place these under the wash stand, fill with a plant and some old books and it would complete the look.  These crates are in great shape and will really look terrific anywhere!

After loading her car, we hit a thrift store.  This rookie enjoyed every minute!  She scored some treasures.  4-Vera Bradley placemats in a coveted pattern for $6!  Each placemat retails for $24.  Score!

Then there is me.  Let’s look at my disaster zone  – must hum the tune to Sanford & Son for the full effect!

Yes, that is my garage!

Another Cedar Chest

Decorated table

I believe this decorative paint job went terribly wrong.  Nothing a belt sander cannot wipe out!

Pottery Barn Duvet Cover

This is my first purchase in the bedding department.  A hot wash with some bleach, makes me ok with it.  It was $6 for a queen. 

Pottery Barn Clock

I love this baby.  I picked it up for $5.99.  I looked it up in the PB catalog and it is still available for $45.  Not too bad.

Crate and Barrel

These babies are in my store screaming for Spring!
Speaking of Spring.  We received a fresh coat of snow today, making me believe that we may never get warm!
Nevertheless, I felt compelled to freshen up the shelves in my kitchen eating-area, with some spring-like items.

Ironstone Set

Great detail

More Ironstone

Please look at the lovely dishes, not my satellite radio cord!  Ugh! 

Must have a cloche and some birds

Slowly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Spring!

As always, your comments are appreciated!  New here?  Follow along, love to have you!



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