Hi All,

We have a 5 day weekend, so life has been off schedule since Friday.  While many people used the break for a get-away, we spent most of it watching our babies do their thing.  We moved into the pool for most of it, as daughter #1 swam at regionals. Awake at 6:15 am, home by 7:00 pm!   She was awesome, despite a cold and exhaustion.  I took a small break from the indoor pool to attend daughter #2’s first gymnastics meet.

I wish I could share the video of her competing but I had some technical difficulties.  By that I mean, I video taped the wrong kid.  They all look so much a like.  Then I learned that standby on the camera means you are not actually taping.  When hubby watched the video, he asked if I was drunk.  Mind you it was 8 am!  I think I will stick to the Nikon camera!  Despite my difficulties, daughter #2 was amazing!

In one of my last posts, I mentioned buying a crib.  Again, no more babies for us!  I have taken the crib apart and plan to use the parts for some different projects.

First up, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors inspired this idea.  Using the spring from the crib as a memory board.


Attach photos with clothes pins

No idea who these people are

Since this is heading to the store, I used pictures I found in an auction lot.  No clue who these folks are.

I opted to leave it rusty but it could easily be painted to fit any decor.

Here it is in the store:

In store

This baby can hang vertically or horizontally.  Possibilities are endless.

Store on 2/19

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping.  I hope to have more finished projects this week, when our schedule resumes!



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