Oh Thrifting I will go!

Thrifting is an obsession!  I always think the next place will have the unfound treasure!  This time out, I actually found a few treasures for ME.  Not the store, for ME!

Leather club chair for the basement

Pottery Barn Chair

This baby still has the price tag on it from PB, $399 marked down to $239, mine for $20.  I tossed the slip covers in the wash and now she is good to come in the house.

Many years ago I had a Pampered Chef party and got the white set.  I use it every time I entertain.  I have the platter, large bowls, small bowls and the rectangular set as well.  I cannot recall the prices but I know it wasn’t cheap.

2 bowls and the stand

In the dishwasher it went and for $2, I have added to my set!

Now do not laugh.  This next item is not on everyone’s must have list.  But for some reason I had to have it.  The folks around me when I bid on it thought I was insane!  I am keeping it, cleaning it up just a bit and placing it in our bar.

Yes, it's a truck door!

Apparently, the truck door is not the craziest purchase to date.  Last night I bought an antique crib.  Hubby freaked was a bit concerned.  Not to worry, I just wanted the spring.  Why?  You will see.

Next up, I will share my favorite piece to date.  I am excited to get your feedback!

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3 responses to “Oh Thrifting I will go!

  • Jennifer Patterson

    Shannon, I want to know where you go Thrifting, I would love to go. I don’t ever find things like that around my neck of the woods. We really don’t have alot of thrift stores. We only have Goodwill and Salvation Army and they have really gone high price on the stuff they sell which is ridiculous to me since everything is donated to them. I truly enjoy you blog and have debated about starting my own. I am into thrift, crafting, organizing and sewing.

  • Mike Gabor

    The crib still is a concern. Is there something you want to share?

  • J&Co.

    I can’t wait to see the truck door in your pub! Awesome idea. 🙂 J&Co.

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