Vintage Restyled restocked

Good morning,

These posts are getting farther apart.  Life has gotten in the way the last few days.  I shared some photos of the store when we opened on February 3 and since then it has gone through a few changes.  All good of course, but when a larger item sells all the stuff placed on top of that item ends up on the floor or on other items. So let me share some photos.

Opening Day

Day 2

The desk sold, so we replaced it with the bench and added some stools and smalls.  The black table on the right was a hot item and went to a new home.

1 week

The table sold and so did the bench!  So, we restocked!

New items on 2/9

A little love for Valentine’s.

More changes

More red for V-day

But that sold too.

Updated on 2/14

Media cabinet with shutter doors on

You may recall my previous post where I was searching for baskets for this cabinet.  CA had a great idea and saw cabinets with shutter doors in Ballard and Pottery Barn, so if it’s good enough for them, then good enough for me!

Marble top end table and stool

Coffee table that required NO work!

Some more items.

Kids table and chairs

And here is a shot on February 14.

Vintage Restyled

I included a lot of pictures for my gal Ra, who loves to see everything.  She also always comments!  Which I LOVE!

Now it’s your turn to comment!  Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Have a great Wednesday!



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