Not that Gal

We all know the gal who has it all together, right?  The gal who has a clean home, organized life, homemade meal every night, and still looks good throughout the process.  Well it is official, that is NOT me!  In fact, I am 100% opposite right now (and it may continue).

Bet that gal goes to Pottery Barn and pays cash!  Well, NOT me.  I take the longer more creative approach to furniture!  Of course, I was in the creative zone and completely forgot to take before pictures!  Bet the gal would have remembered.

I thought I would justify the squalor that we are living in, by showing you what has been keeping us so busy.

Sorta before

Picture the entire piece in this lovely finish.  This is a shutter door.  Now here is the process:

Fresh coats of paint

With the doors removed, she got a fresh coat of paint and some distressing.  Yes, she is in my foyer because the temperature was 1 and the garage is way to cold!

With some glaze

Love the keyhole

All glazed

Fresh coat on the hardware


And now here she is almost done.  I am searching for 2 wire baskets to go where the doors were.  If I were to keep this piece, I planned for it to go in the playroom with the tv on top, the wii and all the games in a drawer.  But I am not keeping her!

Almost done

There are lots of options for this baby.  What would you do with it?

Have a great weekend!

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