Production Crew

Hi All & Happy Monday!

My last post was pre-weekend and I shared exciting news about Vintage Restyled – the retail space we opened on Thursday.  I was so excited that we officially opened given the snow delays we encountered.

I am even more excited to say that we sold a TON of stuff within 24 hours!  In fact, on Friday I ran around the house grabbing what I was willing to part with, sanding and distressing unfinished items and driving over at 8:00pm to restock the space.

What a great problem to have!  And I am sure a rookie mistake for not anticipating selling a whole lot!

I am happy to report that the production crew is back at it today.  The weekend was consumed with swimming and quite honestly the head production gal (aka me) was wiped out!  Just to set the record straight, I am a one woman production crew!  Though Hubby helps when available!

Because we all love pictures, let me share a few of my newest luv.  This baby will be installed at the cottage this spring.  No I will not sell it!  I must repeat that to myself.

It's a REAL Barn Door!

Being delivered to me!

It is beat up and perfect!  One thing to note, it is HUGE!  For now, it is in the warehouse (aka garage).

Hope you all had a great day.  More before and after pictures coming your way, once the production crew is done serving dinner!



2 responses to “Production Crew

  • Ra

    Congratulations on your sales. That is awesome. You’re going to need an accoutant for this new business! I can’t wait to see the barn door.
    XO Ra

  • JJ

    Love that! Saw one installed in an NYC apartment on HGTV recently (or was it the LXTV show?) Was so fab! Where will you place it?

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