A Blessing in Disguise

Today was to be the day that I set up shop.  That will not happen due to the sheet of ice that is covering everything and shutting down Columbus.  I am viewing this as a blessing!  I need more time!  Don’t we always need more time?

Yes, I worked feverishly yesterday between sharing every meal with my new 9-year-old, getting ears pierced and focusing on all things that a 9-year-old wants to do.  But my hubby made working much easier.  Let me share my new toys with you.

While hanging with my sick 8-year-old on Saturday, my hubby went to the paint store and then to Home Depot and got busy.

Hubby in garage.

He thinks like an engineer, so he is deep in thought.  Any idea what he is building?

I won’t keep you in suspense.  It is a paint booth!  My very own!

Perhaps he is tired of spray paint appearing on everything in the garage?

The paint booth is a totally enclosed area that will contain the overspray.  It is also the area that I get to use my new toy!  A paint sprayer! I louve this tool!  I cannot stress enough how amazing it is!  I never thought I would be giddy over a tool.


On Saturday, Hubby purchased a compressor, staple gun, nail gun, brad gun (no idea what to do with this one yet).  Christmas came in late January for me!  After a ton of research, we knew we needed a few tools.  It makes life so much easier.  Ever since knowing Hubby, his motto to any project is, “You need to have the right tools.”

Since I am female and listen and remember, I may have used this quote to my advantage!  Here is the after shot:

From the outside of the booth

Inside booth

Hubby hung lighting and hooks too!  The chandi is hanging from one of the hooks, getting her makeover!

I have used it every day since it was built!  Now I am off to get some more projects completed!

Have a great Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping!


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