Less than a Dr. visit

Happy Monday!

The Gabor house is a bit crazed this Monday morning!  We now have a 9-year-old, it’s amazing how quickly they grow up!  Happy Birthday Itty-Bitty!  Thankfully she recovered from this flu  (that has kicked our butts) in time to celebrate her big day.

In between a day of multiple celebrations, I will attempt to finish projects, paint a few more, price everything and pack it all up.  Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Since this blog is not about my life and more about projects, let me share my newest acquisition.  This beauty cost less than my trip to the doctor!  She will be even better when I carve out some time to fix her up!

Old Chest

Top needs luv!

Showing off the legs

Cedar lined trunk

The top opens and reveals the trunk!

Manufacturers label

There is also an engraved stamp.

So, for less than the trip to the doctor (that yielded no drugs), I have a beauty in the garage, begging for a makeover!

Have a great Monday!

Thanks for stopping.  Let me know what I should do with her.


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