Before and After

Hi All,

We all love some good before and after shots and I have been busier than I thought creating some.  Since it has been so cold, many of the items are small.  I can only do so much in the basement!  Here you go:

One of these


Cloche with wood base

I gorilla glued the two together and added a wood base I found at GW for $.59, spray painted all in Heirloom White.  Now you have the finished project:

All done

There are books on top.  Just like the ones found in the Ballard Design catalog that sell for $18 for 3.  CRAZY!

Three books for $2.25

I have been on a frame hunt as of late.  Here are some finds:


A coat of paint, sanding, distressing makes it look like:



All done

Some more frames:

Not loving the gold

A weird technique:


My kids and I covered the frame and glazed it.  What did we cover it with you ask?


Found some frames that were already white.  Yes, not much work required.  Just some sanding.

4 matching frames

The right one is sanded.


I found a heavy duty tray.  I sprayed it and placed it under my new love.


And put to good use:

My special spot

Of course after I sprayed this baby, I saw the exact same tray for sale at an antique mall for $18.  It’s probably some collectible!

More to share in the next few days.  Exciting things are happening here and I cannot wait to share!

Show the love and share a comment!

Have a great day!


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