The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Yup, I was the 40-year-old virgin.  But that all changed yesterday when I attended my first live auction!

I have heard about all the great deals to be had at these auctions, so off I went.  Fortunately, my brother-in-law is an avid junk seeker and a regular at the auctions.  He was nice enough to hold my hand.

When we arrived (an hour early to preview), we started with the dumpster.  Yes, I have hit another milestone in my thrifting obsession when I dug through the dumpster.  It paid off, when I pulled 3 frames.

Can you see those beauties?

Then we previewed the “outdoor” items.  Mainly large tools and machine items.  Since it was 6 degrees, we quickly moved inside.

This large space had tables after tables filled with boxes.  Now I was to go through these boxes and decide what I could not live without.  I then found the furniture items I was after.  I made some notes, registered for a bid number and took my spot.  My bro-in-law went outside to bid on some items (for me) and left me flying solo (YIKES).

Let the Auction begin:

The auctioneer spoke so fast, I was afraid.  I was afraid I would buy some wacky stuff for a $1,000.  So I stood back and took it all in. It was crazy.  Then I spotted something I wanted.  Bro-in-law was back by my side at this point and started raising MY bid number for me. 

After 3 hours, I was just nodding my head and bidding on boxes of crap stuff.  Just for the fun of it!

Here is the result of my day:

Back of the van

Piles of Stuff

Side door

Front seat

 A few shots with the car unloaded:

No work needed!

Work required

Lots of love needed!

Look at the detail!

I am no longer a virgin in this new world.  I am hooked!

It was a fun day and a great experience.  Any takers to join me on my next trip?

Note: I was not planning on taking pictures, so excuse the rough shots!

Have a great Monday!


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