A Finished Project!

Hi All,

I love completing projects!  It seems that the projects are growing and the completion list is not!  But today I will share the girls bathroom redo with you. 

A fresh coat of paint does wonders.  Not sure what I was thinking when I painted it originally!


We chose an off white color.  The beige is the builder paint that was behind the mirror.  The before color was:

Bright Green

We removed the mirror and framed it with door casings from Home Depot. 

Mirror Frame

And now it’s back together.

In Place

**Excuse the lighting, there is so much white, I cannot get a good, clear picture!

This Jack & Jill bathroom has a separate shower and toilet.  The girls do not like to shower in there because they say it’s too dark.  So we found a solution.

New Shower Area

We installed a curved shower rod and used two curtains for the shower curtain.  The curtains meet in the middle, so when they shower they can pull them open and let more light in.

So, for now it’s done!  I am thrilled to cross something off the list and also get the kids back in their own shower!

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