Latest Love


Good Morning!

I could not sleep this morning.  The anticipation of waking up and sipping a cup of coffee from my new love was too much!  It proved to be everything I hoped for.  I am in love!


If you have been here from the start, you will recall my earliest post seen here.  In summary, I stayed at my brother’s place in October and fell in love with his coffee maker.  We decided to get one for Christmas but had trouble finding them (they were sold out!).  It was worth the wait!

Do you have one?  What is your favorite kind of coffee?  Where do you get your cups?

Enjoy the weekend!



One response to “Latest Love

  • Robin Keating

    YUM! This was Brad’s Christmas present too-though I am loving it more than he… (shoulder shrug) Anyway-I have been getting all of our k-cups at Kohls (online)-They are always on sale-like $10.99/box…but then you apply your 30% coupons
    (online or in the mail) and there you go! 😉 Yumm- Cafe Mocha! That is the cheapest way I have found to go.

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