Two Simple Projects

Happy Thursday!

I planned to post yesterday but the creative juices were on a hiatus.  Why?

My Ohio State Buckeyes kept me up most of  Tuesday night in a nail biter.  They stressed me out, made me swear like a trucker and left me elated and exhausted!  My Sugar Bowl Champs!

Anyway, moving on…

So now I am back and trying to stick with one resolution: simplify.

Hubby had this chair in his room when he was a kid.  No it is not an antique, or even sentimental.  It just keeps showing up in different rooms and hasn’t made the Goodwill pile. 


I previously painted it white from dark brown.  It was covered to match daughter #2’s decor.  That decor changed but the chair remained.

I took a sheet and cut it to size.  Wrapped the seat like a gift and stapled it to the seat.  This is the simplest project EVER!

Now she sits in the corner with daughter#2’s books.


Speaking of books. I found this wooden shelf at GW.  It was brown with a gold sheen.  A craft gone wrong perhaps?  For $1, she came home with me. 


Daughter#2 loves to read.  She has piles of books next to her bed.  So we found a solution that makes us both happy.  Just a bit of black spray paint.


Book Shelf

Two simple projects!

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