Clean and Done


Welcome January!

I love starting fresh in the New Year.  Cleaning, decluttering and finishing those idle projects!  This post is a hodge podge of stuff.



Out with the Christmas decor!  I came home one night and hubby had taken down all the ornaments!  On a 20 foot tree that is a lot of ornaments!  My sister-in-law asked if we had any tips on getting the tree out.  I wish!  Hubby lifts it from the bottom, out of the water and lets it fall on me.  I stand there (brilliant), catch it, get covered in needles and help him carry it out the front door.  I then vacuum needles through June.  They are everywhere!


Outta here:

Can you see the path of destruction?


With the decor on the curb, we cleaned.  Oh what a feeling!  We rearranged, decluttered and cleaned some more.  I even steam cleaned the baseboards throughout the house!


Finally, with the house clean, we tackled the guest bathroom.  This baby has been begging us to finish her since I started the process in November.  We have been together for 17 years and 5 houses.  Hubby has always been the painter. For some reason, I thought I would change that.  I geared up and painted the bathroom.  BIG MISTAKE!

It went from builder paint/color to a warm brown tone.  All was going well until I needed to cut in.  Most people cut in first, but I bought a handy-dandy tool from HD and it promised to do the ceiling edge for me.  HA HA!

Jacked up!

Needless to say, the tool is crap and my ceiling had a line of  brown paint.  I used magic eraser – no luck, I sanded – still there.  The nice man at HD told me to paint the ceiling.  Funny guy!


Crown Molding!

It’s blurry, but you get the jist!  Hubby of course stepped in when he saw the crown and heard me fire up the compound miter saw!  Here’s another shot:


It’s finished just in time for our guest on Friday!

Leave a comment and follow along, there are many projects and surprises coming soon!

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