Labor of Love!

Do you have a friend who has it all?  The one who has the latest and greatest, sees it and buys it?  Perhaps even buys an IPad cover before having the IPad?  Okay, you know the friend.  So what do you get her for Christmas?  Very stressful decision.

My solution was to make her a gift.  And so the saga began…


I saw someone mention making curtains from coffee bean bags.  I’m sorry my memory is not what it was and I cannot recall which blog I saw this.  You can buy the coffee bags from Dunn Brothers Coffee shops. Columbus does not have Dunn Brothers, but Minnesota does!  So my bro buys me 10 and I await shipment.  Date: late November.

I decide to thrift to find a big frame.  Score!

It's a beauty!

Now, cork or metal?  That was the next decision.  I go cork.  No luck.  Since my thrifty frame is from decades past, it is an odd size.  Meanwhile, no delivery of said coffee bags.

I sort of get busy with life and perhaps procrastinated at this point.  I cannot do too much without the bags.

Fast forward, my shipment arrives on 12/16.  Due to the major storm that rocked MN, big delay.

I luv the bags!  I wash them, dry (they leave a big mess in the dryer) and iron (they stain my iron!).  I am thrilled and reenergized to complete this project. 

Bag does not fit thrifty frame.  Of course it doesn’t. 

The pictures will take you through the final steps:


Pretty, pretty!


Paint & distress 1960’s frame.


Frame with metal


After visiting both home improvement stores, I find the metal in the HVAC area.  I carefully cut the metal to size using the pretty picture as my guide.

You got it…doesn’t fit, a hair too small.  Fabulous!

Now in tears, hubby jumps in to help.  We decide to cover the picture and metal.


Covering the metal & picture


Ok, we are back on track with a plan.

Lots of staples

Then we need to secure the frame and the metal.  Thank goodness hubby has 8 million screws/nails and stuff.



Securing with metal scraps


First screw goes through the frame.  Lovely. We find the right screws and finish.


After hot glueing fabric to the back to finish it off, we secure 2 picture frame hangers.

All done

I spared you a few extra steps (believe it or not).  I finally delivered the gift on Tuesday.  Yes, to top it off the gift was late!  There are 12 days of Christmas, so technically I was okay.


I love said friend dearly, so I wanted a unique and fitting gift.  I could have bought the IPad for her empty IPad cover and been to the good with this project!  But, it is complete.  It is unique.  It is a labor of love!

After you comment, be sure to have a great day!

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6 responses to “Labor of Love!

  • Jen

    I love this, what a great idea, and how great of you hubs to help you out! Thanks for linking up last week. Don’t forget to stop by and link up more of your great stuff this week!

  • Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal

    I think this made a great gift! I love that you covered the metal but yet it’s still magnetic. Looks great!

  • Pamela Manes

    Awww…that’s so sweet of you and the hubs to ride to the rescue! Love it.

  • said friend

    I love it. I love it. I love it. Let me tell you the things I love the most about it.
    well, number 1, it is GORGEOUS and unique and matches my decor and totally useful and exactly what i want and need and i love it.
    but also-
    i love that that ugly picture is still underneath! i am picturing my great grandkids sorting through my stuff one day and being like, huh?
    i love that the pictures on your blog have Mike’s hands with his wedding ring (which symbolizes the bond he clearly has with you to take part in this folly!) prominently displayed.
    i love that the bags were IMPORTED from MN!
    i love that one of those things that only you seem to find at thrift stores (KILLER frame) is hanging in my house!
    I love it. I love it. I love it!!!!! LOVE IT.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I will post pics of when it is up and being used. Still deciding between office and dining room. Stay tuned…..

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