Is it really over?

Merry Christmas +1,

It is amazing how the day flies by!  All the anticipation, shopping, wrapping, planning, cooking, decorating, etc. and it’s done.

We are big on traditions in our home.  In fact the girls hold us to them! Here are a few of our favorites:



On Christmas Eve we open one gift.  Pajamas!  It was a tradition started by my mom.  She wanted us to have a new set for pictures on Christmas morning.  As a scrapbooker, I love that!

Then we eat, and eat…

Lobsters alive

I remember eating lobster with my family on New Year’s Eve.  Grandpa Mark has kept this tradition alive by gifting us a seafood feast every holiday.  We gorge ourselves on the yummy treats from the sea.

Lobsters cooked

Excuse the bad picture!  I’m in my new PJ’s, nothing fancy in our home!

We dripped in butter and smelled for a full 2 days like seafood.  But man oh man, was it delicious!

Hope you had a wonderful celebration.  Have any traditions?

Thanks for stopping!


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