All About Silver


This season I am all about silver.  Silver decorations of course but silver trays are becoming an obsession!  I borrowed some from friends and loved the look.  I have many pieces in the basement from my mom but I wonder if its silver or a black version, since it is unbelievably tarnished!

So off to Goodwill I went in search of some trays.

Here’s a beauty:

A beauty on feet

She has little feet and a great shape.  For $2.99 she came home with me.

Here she is after a bath:


She has a cloche on top (another obsession of mine) and will soon have some jewels filled inside.

Another baby that I had to have, was this tray:

Round Tray

I borrowed one from a friend and found the same one!  It was discarded by its owner, cleaned by me and now proudly makes up the Hot Cocoa Bar!

Lastly, I dug a tray out of the basement.  It needed lots of love.

I know it isn’t the best shot.  

Then I put the metallic silver spray paint to work on some thrifty finds:

Little Guy

 I guess the work involved in making the silver pretty, is worth it!  I love the look.

Have a Merry, Merry & enjoy the weekend and the magic of the season!

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