Holiday Luncheon


I have been slow with the posts lately.  The main reason was that I was focused on preparing to host a luncheon.  I am not a good hostess.  I freak, stress and freak some more.  This time I took a different approach.  Slow & steady.  I think it worked.

I hosted the Annual New Albany Women’s Network Board Luncheon.  I have had the pleasure of serving as President for the past 2 years.  It has been a full-time position and an extremely rewarding experience.  So as a celebration of 2 great years and many accomplishments, we get together and enjoy!  This year, 22 of us gathered at my house.

A little bit of this


Some of this:

Resulted in this:

On the way out, everyone needs one of these:

I will not lie, there was some stress, but no freak outs!  It was so nice to welcome people into my home during this festive season.  Now that my first floor home is clean, I may just do it again before my next scheduled gathering on the 23rd!

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