New Window Treatments

Happy Monday All!  I hope you survived and enjoyed the snow storm.  We spent very valuable time at Miami U (Ohio) watching our 10-year-old swim with the big dogs.  It was fabulous!  But I must make a note to avoid unnecessary road trips in December and during snow storms.  Much to do this week!

I am not taking on any new projects until January, but I finished this up and thought I would share.

I follow a few blogs and have seen painters dropcloths make an appearance on all of them.  So I figured I would give it a shot.

I purchased one dropcloth at Home Depot.  A nice thing about these is that they have finished edges.  I do not sew.  There are a lot of different lengths and widths, so the possibilities are endless.

I then cut it in half.  I just want it to soften the window, not actually function, so this worked for me.

Next, wash and quick dry them.  They will need to be ironed!  The cut side actually frays nicely. Here is the finished project. 

Drop Cloth Drapes

In the Mom Cave

I know your eye is drawn to Edith’s chair!  Have a good week!  And leave a comment!

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