Edith Bunker’s Chair

I saw this baby at an antique mall on Friday.  I loved it.  Not sure why.  Unfortunately I had to leave quickly and was not able to get it.  But it was waiting for me on Saturday when I returned!  This was my first trip to an antique mall.  I am branching out.

She’s awfully pretty.  Get a good look, because she will soon look different.  After January 1 of course, when I can start on new projects.

The Bunker's Chair

I wanted to use the chair in the meantime, so I covered it in duck cloth scraps and tossed a pillow on it.  It doesn’t gross me out now that it’s covered!

Makeshift chair


Hubby was sitting in it, so it’s pretty wrinkled.


One response to “Edith Bunker’s Chair

  • Ra

    Love the lines and caning (sp?) of the chair. A big comfy cushion (floral? plaid? suede? corduroy? linen?) will make it a perfect reading chair. Piping around the cushion would be a nice detail. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    xo Ra

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