20 feet of Christmas

Traditionally we cut down our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  It’s a big tree and requires a few days of effort to get it all in place.  Since we ventured to NY for the holiday, we were slightly behind.  Then it became urgent to the kids that we get the tree ASAP.  So we went out on Wednesday night.

Of course, it gets dark at like 5:00, so we busted out…searched…searched in dusk…found, agreed, cut and attached the sucker to my car.  Yeah, it was pitch black in the tree forest!

We found a 20 footer!

We have a method to our madness, after living through 5 years of this tradition.  We have woken to the tree laying on our furniture, dying well before Christmas and scrapping our ceiling.  Oh joy!

But it is now officially in place, decorated and still standing!  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



In the house

Let the Decorating begin


Still Standing


I am not sure if it is done, but it is standing, decorated and looks and smells fabulous!  It is officially the Christmas Season in our house!

****As I see all these beautifully color coordinated trees, ours is not.  Ours is filled with ornaments from our trips, events and special moments.  It’s a wonderful tradition started before we were married.

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