Game On!

When hubby went to Crazy Town (see post here), I was not sure what to expect.  He is normally a subdued kinda guy.  But he was on a mission.  Let’s show you the story…


Indoor Soccer Field

There is a new house being built not far from us and Hubby went dumpster diving for scrap wood.  He loaded my van and dumped it all on the garage floor.  He was on a mission & had a plan!

Next step:

Goal #1

Goal #2

Can you see the netting?  Both goals have nets and are around a corner from each other, so no direct shot in the goal.  There is a wall all the way around the space.  Hubby even put up cages on the lights! 
It has already gotten a ton of use!  I was a sceptic at first but now I must admit, I am digging it.
Of course, you probably saw the storage behind the goals.  This is where my Christmas decor is…hmmm…I will let you know if I am still digging it later this week!

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