Drawer turned Tray

I showed you what I scored at Habitat’s ReStore last week – an old bench & an oversized drawer.  The oversized drawer looked like this:

Drawer & Bench

I had planned to make it into a tray, so I purchased 2 handles from the ReStore as well.  They each received a coat of paint.

The struggle was with what to do with the inside of the drawer.  What color, should I use fabric, jump on the music sheet makeover bus and mod-podge it??  I was all over the board.

Then I received a posting from Funky Junk Interiors talking all about numbers.  I took that as a guide and stamped the inside of the drawer.  I used my foam stamps that you can get at any craft store, which I already had for scrapbooking.  Over the dry brushed drawer, I started randomly stamping.  No rhyme or reason.

Here she is now, as a tray:


The hardware up close:


The tray sits on an ottoman in the living room.  It has not been dressed up, as the kids put their drinks and feet and crap stuff all over it.  Right now it holds lots of magazines.

This photo is meant to show you the size of the tray.

I am pretty pleased with it.  Although…

I saw on the Nate Show this vinyl that he used to cover a tray and it was fabulous.  It had a great texture.  After a quick trip and no luck at JoAnn’s, I figured I would keep the tray the way it is until I find the perfect new look.

More to come!  Stay tuned…

What would you do with the tray?


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