One Month!

Hi All,

Today marks one month of theothergaborsister!  Who would have thought it!?  I am thrilled to say in one short month I have had 1,006 visits!  Crazy & motivating at the same time!

I have to say I am loving the bloggy world.  It makes me look at things differently, exercise my creativity and visit some shady places looking for the hidden gems!  It has given me an excuse to branch out and find inexpensive ways to decorate my home.

I am also loving the amazing women that blog and share incredible ideas that inspire me.  The hardest part is deciding what to do or try next.  There are too many options for me and I want to try it all.

Now on the flip side (and there is always a flip side), my motherly duties have taken a backseat, the house seems to be a little messier, the laundry piles up and my other responsibilities are not getting done as quickly.  But no one was hurt in my quest for a creative outlet!

The rest of this week I am wrapping up some projects.  I will reveal the Red, White & Blue Table, the indoor soccer field – which is getting a lot of play and my drawer turned tray.

Thanks for supporting my latest hobby.  Please comment, subscribe and visit often!



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