Thrifty Finds

With half done projects all over the house, I still continued to seek more must haves at the local thrift stores.  I promise myself that I must complete some things before moving on, but what’s the fun in that?

So I hit the ReStore for a few gems:

Bench & Big Drawer

Look at that old bench, I just loved it.  I think it will make it’s way to the cottage.  The oversized drawer received primer and a paint job, then I stamped numbers all over the inside,  I will add 2 handles and it sits on the ottoman in the living room.  It holds a TON of crap!  Each item was $5.

Then on to Home Depot to score some supplies from the oops department.

Each one was 50 cents!

I scored a glass dome with a cheese plate and a knife for 27 cents!  The knife and plate went right back to Goodwill, but the dome is mine!

Glass Dome, 27 cents!

And now back to complete a thing or two.  I must add that I have worked hard on my Red, White & Blue table.  It has had many lives in it’s short time at my home.  I just couldn’t decide on a finish, so I will show you later this week.

Remember the free chair that I redid?  Well, the toile wasn’t working for me, so it got a second look.  Here she is:

Free Chair Take 2

I stamped each family members initial, the year we moved in to our home and then I taped off and painted 2 lines with craft paint.  It was meant to have a worn look.  I must say, I am digging it!

Distressed chair

In case you forgot:

Finished with Toile

Have any junk that needs a new life?  Any thrifty must haves?  Any tips on great buys?  Please share!


One response to “Thrifty Finds

  • Ra

    digging the initials and year on the chair. creative with a vintage flair!
    can’t wait to see the re-do on the patriotic table.
    ever think of adding buckeye leaves (painted, stamped, etc.) to your furniture? maybe add some OSU to your cottage.

    xo ra

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