Office Organization

Ever since I linked to a “Mom Cave” party and showed you my disorganized dumping location, I have been brainstorming ways to transform my area in to a place that I want to spend time.

I am taking baby steps.  I started with some easier tasks today.  I am in to the burlap/grain sack look that you see every where these days.  I love the simple design and the neutral color.  That is what I am going to run with.  So I started with my bulletin boards and a magnetic board that I purchased at Ikea a while back.

I do not really have before shots since my camera was acting up and since you know what a black framed bulletin board looks like.  The Ikea mag board was silver.  Not much else to tell ya on that!

Some burlap for the mag board.  I cut the burlap a bit larger than the mag board.  Then I wrapped it like a present, using my handy dandy hot glue gun.

Burlap Mag Board

To dress up the black & white magnets that I purchased at Ikea, I busted in to my scrapbook stash.  I took sticker numbers (the larger ones) and stuck them right on the magnets.  The smaller numbers are rub ons that you apply with a supplied stick.  You can purchase both at any craft store in the scrapbook section.  You can also use initials of all family members…lots of ideas.

Rub on Numbers


Next, I covered my existing cork board in a muslin fabric in a burlap color.  I cut the fabric to fit in the inside of the black frame.  Attach fabric with glue gun.  Next, I took a brown grosgrain ribbon and ran it along the edge of the fabric and the frame.  Again, the glue gun attached the ribbon for me.  The ribbon was not necessary, but it did cover up my cutting disabilities! 

Bulletin Board

It’s a start!  I figure I am getting a jump start on my traditional January Resolution.

I changed up my stools while I was at it.  I used rub ons and big vinyl numbers.

Stool #3

It is a standard stool that you see every where.  We had them forever.  A few years back I painted them black and put foam and fabric over the top.  I removed that stuff, painted the top again, distressed it a bit and here they are.

Number 2

I have a long list of things I am determined to wrap up before The Buckeyes kick off at 3:30 on Saturday!

Before I forget:

Fabric: Burlap & Muslin $2.99/yard x 50% off = $2.99 for 2 yds. of fabric!

Everything else I already had!

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4 responses to “Office Organization

  • Robin Keating

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these stools! So cool! Where did you find the stickers? Also-the locker/laundry room thing-the best! Did Mike build those? Why arent you at my house right now solving all of my home problems?!

  • arenschield

    ok, that does look like something i could do! and i think i own a glue gun!

    the stools are hawt.

  • Ra

    How sweet of Mike to be interested in your blog. Awwwww! I’m assuming he was there for the injury.
    Now you’ll have a place to display all of your NY Thanksgiving pics! 🙂

  • Mike Gabor

    I like the stools but make sure to use a pliers to remove the old staples to avoid future injury.

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