Chair redo

Okay, I need to focus.  I know I have adult ADD and it is in super-charged form.  I start a project, start another and things do not seem to get done.

My hubby called me on it the other day and now I am attempting to complete a few of these.  Really, I just want to get to that red, white & blue table (see previous post).  Last night, I painted the upstairs guest bathroom, another coat today and then I can begin the table!!

So here is the completed chair from long ago.

A quick refresher: After being inspired at the Country Living Fair, I purchased a desk off Craigslist.  The desk came with a drawer full of Thomas the Tank stuff, poker chips and a chair.  (None of which I wanted) All for $25.  

Chair, already primed

 It was pretty ugly and brown.  So I sprayed it with Heirloom White, sanded it a bit to distress and then glazed it to match the desk.

Finished with Toile

I am not loving the fabric, but I had it, so it did not add any expense to my project.  I will probably cover it in fabric that matches my Christmas decor just for December. 

Have a good weekend!


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