Bling-Bling – knockoff

In late September friends and I went to the Country Living Fair.  We were not sure what to expect and were greeted with extra long lines just getting off the freeway.  It must have some cool stuff, if people are flocking, right?  Indeed it did.

The one friend in the group was a little more reluctant to enter.  As always, when you are not looking for something you find it…odd but true.  She found a TON of stuff and more, but she couldn’t carry it all!  Not the case for me.

I did however, find inspiration in many people’s creativity!  We all fell in love with these glittered/blinged out pumpkins.  Just awesome and I believe they started at $25 for small/$40 large.  No, no, no way would I pay that!  But I will make it!

Anyway, it’s a long story to show you a blingy pumpkin.

Bling Bling

This is how it happened:

Craft Glitz

And a bit of this:

Cheap labor

And the result is:

Bling Bling

You can find cheap pumpkins any where right now.  I chose white with purple bling.  

  • Pumpkin $6 (I got a medium-large)
  • 2 packages of bling, each had 9 pieces and were PRE GLUED $2 total
  • Sharpie to color the stem & child labor = free

Finished just in time to put the pumpkins away for the season!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


2 responses to “Bling-Bling – knockoff

  • arenschield

    I am the friend! i was the country living skeptic. and who can blame me? “country living” does NOT sound appealing. but now i am a reformed, SUBSCRIBER to the magazine and devoted attendee of this event in all future years…
    and all of my purchases ROCK. i am in love with my cocktail rings made from vintage chanel buttons.
    like seriously, who would think you could get chanel rings at something called “country living fair”????????
    LOOOOOOVE the blingy pumpkin, pumpkin!

  • Ra

    I would never expect to see a pumpkin with bling. Even though you use BIG machinery on all of your home projects, you can’t take the New Yorker out of you!

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