The Cottage Remodel

You have seen the major changes to the inside of the cottage, but the outside received some love too.  When you look at the before pics, I know you are wondering, “why the hell heck did they buy this dump?”  Some days I wonder that too.  But the lake is so peaceful and the spot was perfect.  We have great views and are surrounded by water on 3 sides.  We are just in the beginning stages of making it our place.

Oh - the flat roof

So much better!

During the renovation!

Look at that disaster zone! The big advantage to living far away during this process was not living in this.  Our great friends were so nice to let me stay at their place when I came up to work.  They saved my sanity and my health.

Outside facing the lake

buh bye flat roof.  The half moon window was added after I found it at Habitat for Humanity ReStore!  I watched the contractor cut a huge hole in the house to make it work.

All done

It will continue to be a work in progress, but for now, it is MUCH improved!


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