Let’s Get Started

This blog thing is a bit foreign to me.  I started following a few when we found ourselves under a major cottage renovation.  Like most renovations, when we started, our plans were to spruce up the inside of our tiny cottage.  When we finished, we had a new roof, siding, windows, rooms and floors!  The nearly 4 month project resulted in a darling and functional get-away!

We should mention that our lake cottage is 31/2 hours from our home.  This made the renovation especially challenging.

makeshift kitchen

notice the mismatched cabinets

The unused kitchen bar

Please tell me that you noticed the carpet in the kitchen!  I am a firm believer that a kitchen should never have carpet!  Learn from me!

And Now:

My ORB faucet on the 10" deep sink.

New cabinets, countertops, sink & a dishwasher!

To stay within a tight budget, I visited Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore daily.  We found the cabinets, sink and the corian countertop that is now an island.  A friend donated the dishwasher after their remodel.

No more bar, window and an island take over!

Ignore the ladder and any other crap tools laying around.  Never thought I would be sharing this with more than a few friends!

I plan to show more of this remodel, including the outside.  Thanks for checking it out.


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